Put Patients Earlier Profits: Protect Our Security Cyberspace Hospitals

For decades, the virtually vulnerable Floridians accept depended on the state’s security cyberspace hospitals to salve their lives as well as aid for their health. Each year, these hospitals aid for large numbers of low-income children, sick babies, senior citizens as well as meaning women. Safety cyberspace hospitals furnish a critical populace service that the acre has historically supported amongst vital funding.
Now, Florida’s for-profit hospitals desire to raid $318 1000000 inwards acre taxation dollars that goes to assist these security cyberspace hospitals aid for those who demand assist the most. Hospitals owned yesteryear out-of-state corporations desire to pad their profits amongst taxation dollars that accept long been used to safeguard Floridians’ health. These hospitals are bespeak the acre Senate to opportunity the lives of our vulnerable residents inwards lodge to heart upwardly their stock prices.
We respectfully inquire our senators to visit our perspective that this is bad policy: If the for-profits teach their way, the touching on on the security cyberspace hospitals would last devastating. For Tampa General Hospital, the largest infirmary inwards the share serving those virtually inwards need, it would hateful additional cuts of $14.4 million.
To buy the farm on reading the amount column inwards the Tampa Bay Times, delight click here.

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