Ways to Stimulate Women


Ways to Stimulate Women

Ways to Stimulate Women - The lovemaking session can indeed be the most enjoyable and exciting moment. However, don't rush to go straight to the core of the game. Practice the following ways to stimulate women so that the moments of lovemaking are more exciting, both for you and your partner.

Stimulating a woman's passion is not always as smooth as she thinks. Because the low sex drive in women can go up and down naturally, the reason can be because of many things, ranging from emotional disorders such as stress and depression, pregnancy, menopause, hormonal changes, to certain diseases.

However, don't be discouraged first. Check out some ways to stimulate women below, so that your intimate relationship with your partner is getting hotter and more exciting.

Enjoy Moments of Foreplay

Fast sex may be so challenging and exciting. Though, if you want to get a more satisfying result for you and your partner, of course, the foreplay that excites the weapon. Come on, see how.
  • Get to know sensitive areas of women

There are sensitive places in women that can make it quickly aroused when touched, for example, the inside of the wrist, the curvature of the neck, buttocks, head, the inside of the knee, earlobes, legs and stomach. Every woman has her sensitive area, the part that is sensitive to one woman is not necessarily susceptible to other women. Communicate and try to stimulate women through these sensitive areas.
  • Words

If a man can move by looking at a woman's body, it is different from women. Some women will arouse with words. It may not be thought of by you before, but whispering to a partner while making love can increase his passion. Try whispering words of praise, seduction, or tempting sentence sentences.

  • Touch

Don't rush to touch the part that is unusual from your partner. Start by visiting some parts of the body of your partner using your fingertips or other body parts.  For example, starting with the hands, arms, neck, face, then ending with a kiss. Alternatively, starting from the legs, hips, then the sex organs. Alternatively, try giving him a gentle massage on his feet or back with his favourite essential oil. More recommended to touch.

  • Oral sex

Ways to Stimulate Women - After doing the above methods, you can continue with oral sex. For some women, this technique can be so tempting, that you can make it a way to stimulate women who are quite useful. However, remember, don't rush to the core. Start by kissing the abdomen, then teasing the intimate part with your fingers, while giving a soft kiss on the inner thigh.

Now, you come to the core part of oral sex. Don't just play your tongue up and down. Give a soft and long kiss, then begin to lick the intimate part gently. Then, slowly increase your intensity and speed. To make him more aroused, pour chocolate, honey, whipped cream, or pieces of strawberries on his body when doing oral stimulation.

In addition to the several ways above, you can also pair your partner by placing your fingers in the intimate part. This way, you can touch your partner's clitoris directly. This section is the most sensitive and fast part to stimulate women. Some women also enjoy this session enough.

Various ways to stimulate women above do not always produce the same level of stimulation in every woman. Because each person's sexual desire is different, and what makes a woman aroused also tends to depend on her wants and mood.

Talk about what he wants when making love, don't hesitate to ask if he wants other things that are different than usual. Also, try to be more active by trying new things, such as touching certain body parts or using a sex toy.

If your sex life is still sluggish even though you have tried some ways above, you can consult a doctor to get further counselling.

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