What is the body movement can make the body stay fit?

What is the body movement can make the body stay fit?

The Body Stay Fit - Sports have proven to have many benefits to maintain the health of the elderly. It's never too late to start the play. Those who are already elderly can still do body work with elderly gymnastics.

Gymnastics is a type of activity that requires strength, balance, flexibility, agility, endurance and body coordination. This sport is very advised for all people of all ages, including those who are elderly.

Gymnastics can help the body become healthier, prevent bone loss, diabetes, stroke, heart disease and cancer, improve mood (memory), memory, and help maintain balance and coordination of the body.

Elderly Gymnastic Movement

For you or your elderly relatives, don't hesitate to practice the following elderly gymnastics from now on.

  • Lifting arms

Stand up straight with feet stretched shoulder width apart. Hold a light barbell or bottle filled with water in both hands. Take a slow breath, then bend your elbows and lift the weights towards the chest slowly while exhaling, hold for one second. Inhale back when your arms gradually lower. Repeat this movement 10-15 times to practice the strength of the biceps located on the front of the upper arm.

  • Lift your legs back

Stand behind a sturdy chair and hold the top of the chair back. Take a slow breath, then exhale while lifting one leg back without bending the knee. Hold this position for one second. Lower your legs while breathing again. Don't forget to repeat the same movements in the other leg. Repeat this movement 10-15 times to stretch and train the legs and feet.

  • Stand on one leg

Extend your hands forward. Lift your right leg to the hip, hold it for three to five seconds. Lower your legs slowly. Do this movement three times and also do it on the left foot. This movement trains body balance.

  • Walk from heel to toe.

Stand with your body upright. Position the heel of your right foot to be correct (and touch) at the tip of your left foot. Then walk forward until the heel of the left foot touches the tip of the right foot. Do it for at least five steps. The is also a balance exercise.

  • Stretch your ankles

The Body Stay Fit  - Sit on the end of the chair then stretch one leg forward without touching the floor. Point your toes first, away from your body. Hold for 10-30 seconds. Then pull the tip of your toes towards you and hold this position for 10-30 seconds. Repeat at least three to five times. This movement can increase the flexibility of the ankle and smooth blood flow in the lower body.

  • Stretch the neck

Turn the head slowly to the right until the neck feels a little stretched. Hold this position for 10-30 seconds. Then turn the head in the opposite direction and hold it. Repeat this movement three times to make the neck more flexible and quickly moved.

Come on, routinely do elderly exercise now so that the body stays healthy and fit even though it's not young anymore. In addition to elderly gymnastics, other body choices are also suitable for elderly health, such as swimming, relaxing, yoga, Tai Chi, or dance classes for the elderly.

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