How To Prevent Child Strees?


How To Prevent Child Strees?

Prevent Child Strees - Stress does not only occur in adults but can also affect children. Being separated from parents can make a child feel stressed. Especially after entering school age, social pressure and academic value demands can also be a stressor for children.

Stress symptoms in children are not easy to recognise, but some signs indicate the child is emphasised, such as experiencing sleep disorders, changes in appetite, changing emotions, frequent bedwetting, difficulty concentrating while studying, or trouble doing school work. Also, physical symptoms can also accompany, such as abdominal pain or headaches, but not all children experience similar symptoms.

Causes of stress in children

Some stressors in children include:

    Activities that are too dense

Sometimes, we as parents do not realise that children's activities at school have absorbed most of their energy. Our intentions that want to give him additional knowledge after school hours, such as tutoring or courses, are at risk of fatigue. Busyness after school makes them not have time to relax or play. This risks making children stressed out.

Give children the opportunity to relax. Maybe some of his schedule after school can be reduced. However, if the activity cannot be stopped or reduced, ask how he feels about his actions. Stating sessions may relieve a child's stress.

    Exposure to adult content

As technology advances, various information can be retrieved quickly. Children can present to adult content or information, such as scary news, violent videos, or pornography. The risks of making children feel depressed. Parents are encouraged to sort material that is appropriate for children. Not only that, but parents also have to accompany and provide understanding to him.

    Lack of sleep

Children need adequate rest, especially after a day of activities at school. Make sure children get enough rest and don't let them experience sleep deprivation. Lack of sleep can have an impact on mood, changes in behaviour, the ability to assess, and memory. When it comes to rest, keep the child away from the gadget or television.

  •     Intimidation

Prevent Child Strees - Intimidation or bullying that afflicts children, both verbal and nonverbal, also risks making them feel depressed. Give support to children so he can be more confident in living his days in school or his environment. Don't forget to communicate with the teacher to monitor the condition experienced by the child.

  • Chronic illness

Children can feel stressed if they experience severe things, such as when their parents suffer from an acute disease or their children who experience it. Harsh conditions in children that can make him stressful include if he suffers from Human Immunodeficiency Virus / HIV, Down syndrome, obesity, asthma, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder / ADHD.

If you experience chronic illness, the child can be alienated from his association or school activities because he has to undergo treatment. Speak from heart to heart with children, and give mental support to him in going through difficult times.

  • Divorce parents

The primary security system for children is family. When parents divorce, children face significant changes in their lives. Explain well and are easily understood by the child about the reason for your divorce. Also, explain to him that separation does not mean parting at all. Also, you are advised not to place the child in a position where he must choose one of his parents, because the choice has the potential to make the child confused and depressed.

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