Tips for Maintaining Large Brain Function

Tips for Maintaining Large Brain Function

Large Brain Function - There are various ways to maintain brain function so that it still works well and optimally. In addition to eating healthy foods, there are several activities to train your memory and sharpen your brain's abilities that need to already in your daily life.

The brain is a vital organ that has a critical role in regulating the performance of every human body system. The brain functions as the central nervous system that monitors and controls most of the organs of the body. The other primary purpose is processing, receiving, and sending information, and allows you to feel, move and think.

Given its complex functions, we need to do various ways to maintain brain function. An attempt to prevent brain damage and some conditions that affect the brain, such as stroke, dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

How to maintain brain function

How to maintain brain function is not difficult, either by eating healthy foods or doing activities that can train brain function. The following are tips for keeping the functioning of your brain:

  • Play brain teasers
One of the most important ways to maintain brain function is to encourage the mind to move. The brain which rarely runs for a long time will weaken its performance. To prevent this, you can do activities that entertain and sharpen the mind such as playing puzzles, Sudoku, crosswords, or trying brain exercises. Some studies have found an increase in cognitive functions of the brain such as attention, reasoning, and memory in people who are actively sharpening the mind.
  • Learn foreign languages
Try to learn foreign languages ??as a way to maintain brain function. The more vocabulary you save, your risk of experiencing a decrease in cognitive abilities will also decrease. Even studies showing bilingual language ability can significantly delay Alzheimer's symptoms and ageing in the brain.
  • Practice your memory
The ability to remember is one of the functions of the right cerebrum. To maintain or improve their skills, the thing you need to do is train the memory. For example by drawing a floor plan or map of a location that you know. Or, make a list or schedule of things you need to do in one day, then try to remember them.
  • Read, watch, and discuss things
Learning something new from the results of reading a book or watching television is also good for maintaining the function of your brain. Considering what you read and see to others, will help you understand the information more deeply. Talking or discussing something with other people has good benefits to maintain brain function as well as a means to socialise.
  • Reduce stress
Prolonged stress has a detrimental effect on mental health and brain function. One way to maintain brain function that is equally important is to reduce stress. You can try relaxation, meditation, yoga, gather with friends and relatives, or take a break from work to reduce stress and give a break for the brain.
  • Consume food for the brain
Large Brain Function - Eat foods that contain omega three fatty acids and antioxidants such as vegetables, nuts, fruits, and fish (sardines and salmon). These fatty acids play a role in improving brain function, preventing decreased brain function, and reducing inflammation in brain nerve cells.

While antioxidants act against stress and inflammation that contribute to brain ageing and neurodegenerative diseases, besides, also consume foods that contain magnesium, such as avocados, dark chocolate, almonds, bananas, and tofu. This mineral is believed to increase memory and learning ability.

Many other fun activities are useful for maintaining brain function and health, from listening to music, playing a musical instrument, helping to do homework for children, taking painting courses or other courses that are suitable for your interests and hobbies, becoming volunteers or volunteers in an organisation.

Begin to maintain and improve the function of your cerebrum. Do some of the tips above, and consume foods that are good for your brain, so that your brain's health & sharpness maintain until you get older.

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