He said Healthy Foods for Babies Must Be Organic.


Healthy Food For Babies

Healthy Food For Babies - Parents certainly often read information about a variety of healthy food suggestions for babies, including those from organic ingredients. There are several reasons for choosing organic food, although it does not mean that the nutritional content is better than the usual menu.

Until now, pesticides are still widely used by farmers to protect plants from various fungi, insects and diseases. However, unfortunately, pesticides can leave a residue in food products. Therefore, organic food is increasingly he be chosen because it does not use synthetic pesticides or fertilisers for its growth.

Reasons for Healthier Organic Foods for Babies

A study shows, the nutritional content of some organic foods is not much different from ordinary foods. Meanwhile, other studies show that children who consume organic food have deficient levels of pesticides in urine.

However, no need to rush to switch to organic food, because a food is organic or non-organic, the numbers still do not exceed the allowed limits. Moreover, the price of organic food is higher than conventional food, so it needs further consideration.

Here are some reasons that parents choose an organic menu as healthy food for babies:
  • Baby food is recommended from natural ingredients because the immune system or immune system of infants is not perfect, so it is more at risk of exposure to pesticides than adults.
  • Providing organic food for babies will ensure the baby gets proper early nutrition.
  • Some parents choose organic food for babies for environmental reasons.
  • There are also parents who choose to provide organic food because it tastes better than other foods
That is no less important than providing healthy food for babies, not only limited to the organic or not but familiarise yourself with a balanced diet that will be brought up to an adult.

Suggested Organic Food Choices

Healthy Food For Babies - Certain foods are known to have high levels of pesticides, or have a texture that is It is more difficult to clean, so better choose organic.

Some of the following foods can be organic food choices for children:
  • Strawberry and blueberries
Even though it has a refreshing taste, you must be careful when choosing berries. Strawberries and blueberries are the type of fruit with the highest pesticide residues, so it's better to pick organic ones. Also, from a study, it was found that organic strawberries have an antioxidant content of 8.5% more.
  • Apples, pears and peaches
When consuming apples, pears, and fibre-rich peaches, many people peel their skin to avoid pesticides. Though there are not a few nutrients in the skin. You can eat fruit skin as long as you wash the fruit before consuming it.
  • Spinach and cabbage
Usually, vegetables risk having higher pesticide residues. If you need to provide healthy food for babies, parents can choose organic types, such as spinach and cabbage that have high nutrition. It is recommended to wash the vegetables under water multiplying
  • Potato
Potatoes can absorb the content of pesticides in the soil. Therefore, you should use organic potatoes to minimise the risk of pesticide exposure. However, keep washing the vegetables until they are spotless before processing.
  • Broccoli
Although not including a list of foods with high levels of pesticides, this type of vegetable has a texture that is difficult to clean. So it would help if you were more careful in washing it so that it is spotless and suitable for consumption by the little one. For that, you can consider choosing organic broccoli.

Also, you are also encouraged to choose locally produced organic fruits and vegetables, rather than imported fruits or vegetables that may have more pesticide and chemical residues.

If you want to provide healthy food for babies of non-organic species, it is recommended to choose foods that are known to have low pesticide residues, such as onions, pineapple, sweet corn, cabbage, asparagus, eggplant, kiwi, watermelon, grapefruit and mushrooms. If necessary, consult a paediatrician for the best food choices for your baby.

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